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My name is Michael J. Sutton. I am the CEO of Freedom Matters Today, publishing books on freedom from a Christian perspective. Our website is We are in the freedom business. Freedom Matters Today is an independent, non-sectarian, apolitical publishing house, an educational service provider, and a megaphone for truth, honesty, and hope.

Over the last year, I have published 8 titles in paperback, four on faith and life, three novels, and one academic text. Another 3 titles are forthcoming, with 4 reaching completion, and early next year all titles will have their e-book and hardback formats. I have a podcast, broadcast every Monday. Exclusive discounts are available for this conference, and there are Christmas presents for the first twenty books sold.

Welcome to my Country Competition

First, it is my custom to give my ‘Welcome to my country,’ statement.
I want to welcome you to my country, Australia. Everyone is welcome here, and everyone is equal under the law, and everyone has one vote. Sydney is rich in diversity, resilient in character, and hospitable in spirit. In the beginning, this land was empty, no humans trod here. But over time, people made the journey, from all over the world they came, from the dawn of humanity, the trials and tribulations of empire, the pain of conflict, and the desire for change. They continue to come to make Australia their home, looking back to those who came before us, rejoicing in our present identity, and looking forward to the future, with hope. History is the striving towards the freedom of spirit and the desire to live in a world God made, in a life shaped by God’s love, with hearts changed by God’s Spirit, who moves in all creation, and celebrates the Son of God, through whom all things came into being. This is my country. This is my voice. This is my spirit.

Next year, Freedom Matters Today will run a competition to find the best ‘welcome to my country’ statements, 150-200 words on what this country means to you. We will publish the best entries as a book, and hopefully forward a copy to the Prime Minister.

The origins of Freedom Matters Today

Back to the pandemic and the origin of Freedom Matters Today. The idea for the name came out of the pandemic and the suppression of freedom by secular and religious authorities. We were battered, bruised, and bullied by the bureaucrats. All definitions of freedom were denied, derided, and denounced as wicked, selfish, and sinful. It seemed to me that the battle was going to be about the nature of freedom, and how it relates to our relationship with God and our relationship with others.

I felt we were going down the same path as other decaying democracies have done in the past, except it wasn’t in the history books, it was happening before our eyes. I saw an opportunity to do something no one else was doing, to approach faith and life from a completely different perspective, outside of institutional religion. My slogan for 2022 was ‘Don’t go to church, follow Jesus instead.’

We discovered in Covid Hysteria that many people and their principles went by the wayside, like seeds scattered on the rocks. People we admired, trusted, and looked up to, unveiled their true selves and betrayed themselves and us, for money, for reputation, or out of fear.

What is the Christian faith all about?

It may come as a surprise to you that the Christian faith is not about money, or power, or buildings, or schools, or hospitals, it is about a simple relationship with a loving God. I started Freedom Matters Today in September 2021 with the hope of inspiring, encouraging, and building community when governments were content on tearing everything down. The fight for freedom is just beginning.

For me, true freedom comes from God. For me, the truth about God is written about in the Bible, which gives an account of the one we call Jesus of Nazareth, whom his disciples called Christ. Jesus said that if the Son shall set you free, then you shall be truly free. Paul tells us that it was for freedom that Christ has set us free and he also says that the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit is there is freedom. Freedom is at the heart of the Christian message.

Freedom from What?

Once I decided on the name, I decided upon the program. Once again, the word that kept coming up was freedom. True freedom is freedom from fascism and tyranny, freedom from fear and despair, freedom from sin and death, freedom from guilt and shame, freedom from war and conflict, and freedom from past and prejudice.

I first started with blogs and podcasting and in November 2022, published my first title, Freedom from Fascism. It is a scathing critique of religious power. My vision is for a viable, credible, publishing alternative for a multiplicity of voices defending, calling for, defining, and fighting for freedom, challenging the narratives, asking the uncomfortable questions, and speaking truth to power both secular and religious.

The fight for freedom is just beginning.

The mystique of publishing is largely a fiction. Like everything, there is a clear, defined, process. If you put the work in, anything is possible. To date, all our titles are available through Amazon POD which offers a niche opportunity. I don’t trust the old guard. In Covid Hysteria, we came close to genuine fascism in Australia. Very close. Lining up to support fascism were most of the old guard who used to stand for freedom. This conference, TNT radio, Freedom Matters Today, and many other individual voices represent a counter-revolution.

My starting point is the Bible.

My starting point is always the text of the New Testament and I always start with the meaning of words, phrases, and ideas. I am not afraid to speak the truth or ask the right questions. It is not the age for ambiguity, nor is it the time for timidity, nor the epoch for keeping your powder dry. We are at war. In fact, we always were, we just didn’t know it, and we trusted the wrong people.

How is Freedom Matters Today different?

We need the courage to speak the truth about God to power, both secular and religious, both in season and out of season, when it is comfortable and when it is uncomfortable. The good news about God is for everyone, God has no favorites, and it is about God, who he is, what he has done, and how we might know him. Christianity is about God and our relationship with God. This is the Christian message. It is about identity, the identity of God, and in knowing him, we might know ourselves, and others.

What questions do the books ask?

‘Is God on America’s Side’ and ‘Is Russia my enemy’ ask two important questions most people don’t want to ask.

‘Following Jesus when the church has lost its way,’ is about how to understand God.

•The Curse of Crooked River asks the question: what makes civilization?

The Third Tsunami asks the question: can an evil person change their ways?

Monkey and the Castle by the Sea asks the question: how can we escape the cycle of war?

Baby Race asks the question: does low fertility cause social and economic collapse?

Freedom Matters Today was born in the pandemic to fight for freedom in society, especially the freedoms that God brings in Jesus.

Remember, freedom matters today because you matter to God.

Michael J. Sutton

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