Are we the victims of mass formation psychosis?

Dr. Michael J. Sutton continues in our series with episode 2 of ‘Freedom from Fascism, a Christian response to mass formation psychosis.’ Are we the victims of mass formation psychosis? Why have many in the Christian church been silent during the pandemic? How can we break the hypnotic power of others and think for ourselves?

Episode Chapters

(2:07) What was the relationship between Covid and Mass Formation Psychosis?

(4:55 ) Covid and the nature of fear.

(11:13) Covid Hysteria and its relationship with freedom.

(19:48) Some of the difficulties with Christian Covid Theology.

(22:13) Christian churches, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates.

(26:53) The fight for freedom: what it is really about.

(29: 25) The church, Covid Hysteria and God.

Dr. Michael J. Sutton is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today and the lead researcher of the Fascism Accountability Project. He has published widely in journals and newspapers. He lives in Sydney, Australia. Please support us by subscribing at

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