Is Democracy Worth Saving?

Join Dr. Michael Sutton as he continues his series on Freedom from Fascism: A Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis. In this week’s special episode, he explores the relationship between Christian fascism and the Gospel, two examples of mass formation psychosis in the church today, and the attitudes of Jesus Christ towards politics and political power.

Episode Chapters

(6:19) Three reasons why many churches adopted vaccine passports.

(14:35) Is democracy worth saving?

(17:05) What is the goal of this podcast?

(21:49) Two forms of Christian mass formation psychosis today.

(26: 34) Jesus, the Magic Show and the Magic Pudding.

(37:02) What was Jesus really like?

(40:43) When did Jesus seek political power and should we?

(43:44) Covid, deceit and the Devil.

(45:16) What is truth?

(49: 30) The qualifications of Jesus.

(50:15) Jesus Christ and human power and ambition.

(53: 14) What is the Way to God? Is it politics?

Dr. Sutton is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today and lead researcher of the Fascism Accountability Project. He has published widely in journals and in newspapers. He lives in Sydney and holds a Master of Divinity.

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