Is “Mass Formation Psychosis” Real? A Christian Response.

This is the first episode in our first series of our flagship podcast, Freedom Matters Today, equipping you to fight misinformation with the Truth. This first series is titled Freedom from Fascism, a Christian response to Mass Formation Psychosis. The series will be uploaded weekly early on Monday morning (Sydney time). Comments, reviews, and reflections are welcome at or send me an email at This is the first volume in our ‘Freedom From’ series, brought to you by Freedom Matters Today.

Freedom Matters Today is non-partisan, and non-sectarian, but we approach the nature of freedom from a Christian perspective.

Quotes from this week’s episode:

“Freedom matters today because freedom comes from God and not from us. Freedom matters because it has been distorted by misinformation and fake news. Freedom matters today because we need to be free.”

“Freedom matters today, more than ever, and no more than in dark places, perhaps where you are, right now. I do not know your situation. I do not know your pain, or your heart or your life. But I speak to all of you with what I can, with words, ideas, encouragement and hope. My desire is that Freedom Matters Today becomes a place of hope, encouragement, and refuge for those in our world who suffer in silence in all the dark places, to tell you that you are not alone. It is time to step out into the light. It is time to wake up. It is time to be free.”

Michael J. Sutton has a PhD in economics from the University of Sydney, a Master of Divinity, and has published widely both in journals, and newspapers such as the Japan Times. He lived and worked in Japan for over a decade in International Relations and economics.

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