How Mass Formation Psychosis in Covid Split the Church and will lead to the Great Divorce

Join Dr. Michael J. Sutton as he continues his series ‘Freedom from Fascism, a Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis.’ In episode 7, he looks at how Covid split the Christian Church down the middle, how this crisis will bring forward what he calls the ‘Great Divorce,’ and how Christian Fascists reimagine a fake heritage to advance the new public morality.

Episode Chapters: (1: 52) The problem with Christian Fascism. (2:26) The Great Divorce is coming. (6:58) Not everyone signs up for loyalty tests. (9: 44) Covid and Christian rebellion. (12:11) How Covid Split the Church down the middle. (13:25) The problem of national expressions of the church. (15:44) Christianity and the West need to go their separate ways. (17:22) The two sides in the Covid passports debate. (21: 47) Why were the churches silent in Covid? (22:38) Time to step out in faith and step out of compromise. (26: 34) Three strategies for fake Christians in public. (28:35) Why the Culture War is not Christian. (30: 30) When was Australia a Christian nation? (35:07) The need for forgiveness and who grants forgiveness?

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