Mass Formation Psychosis and the Essence of Christian Fascism

Join Dr. Michael J. Sutton as he continues his series on ‘Freedom from Fascism, a Christian response to Mass Formation Psychosis.’ In episode 6, he looks at the essence of Christian fascism as a form of Mass Formation Psychosis, why Christian Fascists oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how to rediscover faith by returning to the Bible and prayer.

Episode Chapters

(0.24) My expectations for this podcast series.

(1: 29) How to escape Christian Fascism.

(6: 22) The West and the Problem of Christian witness.

(9:41) Leaving religion and finding faith: a starting point.

(14:45) What type of ‘theology’ does God desire?

( 19:25) How should we live in society as Christians?

(25:47) Can I be a politician or work for the state?

(27:38) Can I be a soldier and fight in a war?

(30:50) The origin of Christian Fascism.

(35:55) Christian Fascists and the sword

(40: 45) The Five motivations for Christian Fascists

(44: 25) Conclusion

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