Overcoming Mass Formation Psychosis with the Truth

Dr. Michael J. Sutton continues his series on ‘Freedom from Fascism, a Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis.’ In this week’s episode, he explores the nature of true freedom, the importance of thinking for yourself, and talks about the greatest threat to the Christian faith in society today.

Episode Chapters

(1:16) The problem with Christian churches in today’s world.

(6:40) The nature of true freedom.

(11:16) What is counterfeit freedom, and why is it popular?

(21:25) Thinking for yourself.

(25: 43) After Covid, where should we be going?

(29: 47) The greatest threat to the Christian faith today.

(37: 17) The difference between religion and faith.

Dr. Sutton is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today and lead researcher of the Fascism Accountability Project. He has published widely in journals and newspapers and lives in Sydney, Australia.

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