Is there an antidote to Mass Formation Psychosis?

Dr. Michael J. Sutton, continues his series on ‘Freedom from Fascism, A Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis.’ In this week’s episode he explores the way propaganda distracts our attention, the problems with Christian Fascism, and how Jesus Christ is the antidote to Mass Formation Psychosis in all its forms.

Episode Chapters

(2:00) The difference between religion and faith.

(5:10) The goal of Mass Formation Psychosis and some examples.

(13: 33) An example of a person who was immune to propaganda.

(16:25) The antidote to Mass Formation Psychosis

(21:09) The Culture War in America and implications for a life of faith.

(24:29) Introduction to Christian Fascism and Jesus.

(26:41) What side in politics is Jesus on?

(29:15) Is God Pro-America?

Dr. Sutton is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today, and lead researcher in the Fascism Accountability Project. He has published widely in journals in newspapers, and lives in Sydney.

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  1. Joan sutton says:

    Wonderful podcast Michael so rich in truth and so vibrant challenging and practical and placing our God as the centre of truth and life.

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