Baby Race



Today, wealthy nations are in a race for survival. It is a Baby Race. The goal is to increase the birth rate and avoid a demographic catastrophe. They believe that higher birth rates will lead to prosperity and power, while low birth rates cause economic decline and social collapse. Are they right? Is a nation with a low birth rate in trouble? Will a world with fewer kids lead to lower economic growth, and financial ruin? Many believe so. From Japan to America, China to Taiwan, the Baby Race is on, but is it a race run in vain? The Baby Race has all the hallmarks of an ideology that has been dormant for years. We all know its name, and it has returned. Dr Sutton makes a comprehensive case for an open and free society, free from fascism and free from a nation where governments blame innocent people for their inability to adapt to an increasingly complex world.

Dr Sutton has been a political economist, a professor, a priest, and now a publisher and author of eight books. He is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today, looking at freedom from a Christian perspective. He is based in Sydney, Australia.


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