Freedom from Fascism: A Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis




Is ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ real? Is Covid Hysteria a form of propaganda or a natural response to a devastating virus? Were people in power in the dark about Covid or did they use the crisis to promote their own interests? Are fascists and Christian nationalists trying to overthrow America? Does God want us to save America and win the Culture War? Are churches right to adopt vaccine passports? Has God given churches a right to avoid taxation? What does the Bible really say about freedom? In Freedom from Fascism, a Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis, Dr. Michael J. Sutton provides a unique, radical, and comprehensive Christian perspective on Covid Hysteria, fascism, and the future of Christianity in the West. Dr. Sutton, the CEO and Founder of Freedom Matters Today challenges the conventional assumptions about the origins of fascism and the nature of Christian nationalism. He exposes the church’s love of vaccine passports, tax evasion, and a closed Bible. He is not afraid to take on one of the most corrupt institutions in society, the Christian Church, infamous for whitewashing its history while hiding behind tax exemptions, laughing all the way to the bank. He proves there is a profound difference between the church and Christianity. Religion leads to the church, while faith leads to God. Freedom matters today because freedom comes from God and not from us. Freedom has been distorted by misinformation and fake news. Freedom matters today because we need to be free. Don’t go to church, follow Jesus instead.


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