Is God on America’s Side?




Is God on America’s side? Does God bless America? Do nations have a divine destiny? Is America exceptional? Is America a Christian nation? What does the Bible really say about nations, free speech, and citizenship? Should we fear nations? If God is on America’s side, then we must fear America because if we do not, we will be fighting against God. But if God is not on America’s side, we are free to do as we choose. This book is about America, it is about fear, and the fear of political power, which is one of the most powerful fears in our world today. It is also about identity and loyalty and where we find true freedom.
Dr. Michael J. Sutton, the CEO, and Founder of Freedom Matters Today investigates ‘Christian Nationalism’ from a Christian perspective and presents a unique, radical reinterpretation of this increasingly popular political movement. He argues that Christian Nationalism should be called out for what it is, a type of Christian Fascism. People who mix faith and flag in any form, are fascists. Christian Nationalism is just an offshoot of a much older, established religion that replaces Christ with the church, faith with religion, and the Spirit with political power. Fascists seek to control the state, but Christians follow Jesus.
Dr. Sutton writes: ‘How you feel about your nation is entirely up to you. You can love it, or you can loathe it, you can be devoted to it, or dismissive of it, you can support it, or you can spurn it. You are free to do what you like in this respect. I do not judge America, nor could I ever, only God can judge anyone or anything. But I will say this, and I hope you are reading very carefully so you will not misunderstand me: faith and flag are not the same, they never have been and never will be. Those who confuse faith and flag are either those who simply do not know the God whom they claim to follow, or they are fake followers of God. It is as simple as that…for it is impossible to read the Bible and reach the conclusion that God is on anyone’s side.


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