Is Russia Our Enemy?





Is Russia my enemy? Now, more than ever, we are asked to take side sides in the conflict in the Ukraine. Should we ‘Stand with Ukraine,’ and ‘Stand Against Russia’? Dr. Michael J. Sutton cuts through the propaganda, lies, and confusion to ask a counter question: What does the Bible say about it? For those who claim to follow Jesus, the answer is both subversive and challenging. In an age where we are being called to hate, hate Trump, hate Russia, hate China, hate the unvaccinated, the Bible offers a new perspective. As for us, we are to love our enemies, as Jesus loved us and died for our sins, while we were his enemies. As for our ‘enemy,’ Paul teaches us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, for Jesus did battle with diabolos in the wilderness and prevailed. Seeing things from the point of view of Jesus in the wilderness resisting Satan enables us to see ourselves more clearly and overcome the lies and delusions of our age.


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