The Third Tsunami


The Third Tsunami is the first novel in the Last Days of Old Japan series, written by Michael J. Sutton.

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“Masayoshi Kato said nothing when he shot his best friend dead. His only thought was to leave the island as soon as possible without being seen. As he walked quickly through the forested garden, toward the red bridge that would take him to the little town of Matsushima, he kept contemplating the awful possibility that he was being followed. In his mind, he kept going over the events of the past ten minutes. Only one question mattered: did he get away with it?”

Masayoshi Kato is a Kyoto businessman with a past full of dark secrets. On March 11, 2011, helping an old friend, he loses his entire family. With new friends and old enemies, Kato must face his past even if it means others will discover his real identity. But his secrets are nothing compared to what he discovers on the red bridge at Matsushima, a dark truth that Japan has kept hidden for centuries. These are ten days in spring Kato is unlikely to ever forget, if he survives…


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