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Because you matter to God. Freedom Matters Today exists to tell everyone about the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. Jesus said that if the Son shall set you free, then you shall be truly free. Freedom is at the heart of the Christian message.

At Freedom Matters Today, we study freedom from a Christian perspective. True freedom is freedom from fascism and tyranny, freedom from fear and despair, freedom from sin and death, freedom from guilt and shame, freedom from war and conflict, and freedom from past and prejudice.

What do we do?

Freedom Matters Today publishes books on freedom, faith, and life, and we have a podcast to celebrate and promote freedom around the world. I have written and published 8 books on Covid Hysteria, Fascism, Population and demographic change, including 3 novels.

“Today, wealthy nations are in a race for survival. It is a Baby Race. The goal is to increase the birth rate and avoid a demographic catastrophe. They believe that higher birth rates will lead to prosperity and power, while low birth rates cause economic decline and social collapse. Are they right? Is a nation with a low birth rate in trouble? Will a world with fewer kids lead to lower economic growth, and financial ruin? Many believe so. From Japan to America, China to Taiwan, the Baby Race is on, but is it a race run in vain? The Baby Race has all the hallmarks of an ideology that has been dormant for years. We all know its name, and it has returned. Dr Sutton makes a comprehensive case for an open and free society, free from fascism and free from a nation where governments blame innocent people for their inability to adapt to an increasingly complex world.”

“Mei is dead, a reminder that all choices have consequences. While hunting for her murderer in the mountains of China, Nathaniel Chambers receives word from an old adversary that his estranged brother has allegedly committed suicide in the goldrush town of Gulgong, in the Colony of New South Wales. Australia is the last place Chambers wants to be. The first time was for honour, the second time for duty, now it’s personal. Whatever the people of Gulgong are hiding, they are at least covering up Henry’s murder. But Chambers will not go alone. His cloud of witnesses haunts his every step, memories of the Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and the Eureka Stockade. They taunt and mock him, reminding him of his greatest curse, that he is still alive and could not save them. Biddy said that when he came, Chambers unsettled too many ghosts. In trying to save others, he tried to save himself, but sometimes the dead are best left alone. Some things said cannot be unsaid, and some things cannot be forgotten.”

“Masayoshi Kato said nothing when he shot his best friend dead. His only thought was to leave the island as soon as possible without being seen. As he walked quickly through the forested garden, toward the red bridge that would take him to the little town of Matsushima, he kept contemplating the awful possibility that he was being followed. In his mind, he kept going over the events of the past ten minutes. Only one question mattered: did he get away with it?”

Masayoshi Kato is a Kyoto businessman with a past full of dark secrets. On March 11, 2011, helping an old friend, he loses his entire family. With new friends and old enemies, Kato must face his past even if it means others will discover his real identity. But his secrets are nothing compared to what he discovers on the red bridge at Matsushima, a dark truth that Japan has kept hidden for centuries. These are ten days in spring Kato is unlikely to ever forget, if he survives…”

‘One giant is enough for a world of trouble.’ Attributed to Monkey, by Rabbit, after the Valley of Tears.

When Monkey was young, his only interests were beetles, pebbles, and fishing but when an old enemy attacks his tiny island home, he is rescued by a whirlwind to the mainland where he must grow up quickly if he wants to survive. He discovers the awful power and influence of the giants and their Castle by the Sea. Can a gentle, naïve, and kind monkey, who will never take up a sword, or end a life, survive in a world of war? Can Monkey, his two new friends, Rabbit and Fox, as well as the enigmatic and mysterious Mr. Big Nose, stop the giants from destroying the forest, or will evil triumph over the gentle and the good? Can Monkey bring hope or is the price of peace too high? This is a story of sadness and loss, war and peace, and intrigue and mystery. But it is also a story of hope, that tomorrow the sun may yet shine, that friendship matters, and despite our appearances, we are all on the same journey.
Tread carefully humans, or what happened to the giants will happen again…

“Is Russia my enemy? Now, more than ever, we are asked to take side sides in the conflict in the Ukraine. Should we ‘Stand with Ukraine,’ and ‘Stand Against Russia’? Dr. Michael J. Sutton cuts through the propaganda, lies, and confusion to ask a counter question: What does the Bible say about it? For those who claim to follow Jesus, the answer is both subversive and challenging. In an age where we are being called to hate, hate Trump, hate Russia, hate China, hate the unvaccinated, the Bible offers a new perspective. As for us, we are to love our enemies, as Jesus loved us and died for our sins, while we were his enemies. As for our ‘enemy,’ Paul teaches us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, for Jesus did battle with diabolos in the wilderness and prevailed. Seeing things from the point of view of Jesus in the wilderness resisting Satan enables us to see ourselves more clearly and overcome the lies and delusions of our age.”

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Can a person follow Jesus and not attend church? Are you free as a Christian to vote for whomever you want? Can faith and flag go together? Is Christian Nationalism a valid Christian approach to politics? Is America witnessing the rise of the ancient enemy of fascism? Is it the duty of the Christian to oppose the flaming arrows of the Left? Are socially conservative values, Christian values, the only home for Christian political witness? Has the church lost its way? American Christianity stands at a crossroads, it is in rapid decline, and the choice is no longer between faith and flag but between witness and oblivion. When Christians give up on God, they always become fascists, and it is no coincidence that the collapse of Christian witness in America is related to the rise of what many call ‘Christian Nationalism.’  It is time for the faithful to choose, and you need to take a side, either follow Christ or the church, either take up your cross or your sword, either seek God’s kingdom or build man’s kingdom. For the fascists, the good news is a footnote to their Culture War, but for Christians, Christ is everything and the light of Jesus shines even in the darkest places for all people who seek hope and who want to be free.

Is God on America’s side? Does God bless America? Do nations have a divine destiny? Is America exceptional? Is America a Christian nation? What does the Bible really say about nations, free speech, and citizenship? Should we fear nations? If God is on America’s side, then we must fear America because if we do not, we will be fighting against God. But if God is not on America’s side, we are free to do as we choose. This book is about America, it is about fear, and the fear of political power, which is one of the most powerful fears in our world today. It is also about identity and loyalty and where we find true freedom.

Is ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ real? Is Covid Hysteria a form of propaganda or a natural response to a devastating virus? Were people in power in the dark about Covid or did they use the crisis to promote their own interests? Are fascists and Christian nationalists trying to overthrow America? Does God want us to save America and win the Culture War? Are churches right to adopt vaccine passports? Has God given churches a right to avoid taxation? What does the Bible really say about freedom? In Freedom from Fascism, a Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis, Dr. Michael J. Sutton provides a unique, radical, and comprehensive Christian perspective on Covid Hysteria, fascism, and the future of Christianity in the West. Dr. Sutton, the CEO and Founder of Freedom Matters Today challenges the conventional assumptions about the origins of fascism and the nature of Christian nationalism. He exposes the church’s love of vaccine passports, tax evasion, and a closed Bible. He proves there is a profound difference between the church and Christianity. Religion leads to the church, while faith leads to God. Freedom matters today because freedom comes from God and not from us. Freedom has been distorted by misinformation and fake news. Freedom matters today because we need to be free. Don’t go to church, follow Jesus instead.

Podcast and Blog

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Why Freedom?

I started Freedom Matters Today at the height of Covid Hysteria when churches were turning people away if they did not have covid passports, and excommunicating priests, ministers, and pastors who were not vaccinated, a time of lockdowns and tyranny, human rights violations and suspension of democratic rights, a time of fascism and mass formation psychosis, a time of misinformation and fake news, a time of religious apostasy and abuse of power.

I have a PhD from the University of Sydney (2002), a Master of Divinity (2017, Morling College, Sydney), a Diploma of Bible and Ministry (2017, Moore College, Sydney), and a First Class Honours Degree in Economics (Social Sciences), University of Sydney, 1995.

Recent Activities

I have written six articles for the Brownstone Institute. See: Michael J. Sutton, Author at Brownstone Institute, and has appeared on Hrvoje Moric’s TNT Radio podcast three times. See: The Hrvoje Morić Show – TNT Radio. I have also appeared once with Neil Johnson on the 20Twenty Podcast with Vision Christian Media. See: 20Twenty – Vision Christian Media. We have another site for Hidden Road Publishing which can be found at

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Michael J. Sutton, Founder and CEO of Freedom Matters Today.