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Jesus said that if the Son shall set you free, then you shall be truly free. Freedom is at the heart of the Christian message. At Freedom Matters Today, we study freedom from a Christian perspective. True freedom is freedom from fascism and tyranny, freedom from fear and despair, freedom from sin and death, freedom from guilt and shame, freedom from war and conflict, and freedom from past and prejudice.

The CEO of Freedom Matters Today is Michael J. Sutton. A full bio is available at Hidden Road Publishing, the imprint for Freedom Matters Today.

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Readable, Relevant, and Reasonable

One of our goals is to publish books that are easy to read, relevant to contemporary events, and reasonably priced. These books are available through Amazon.

Freedom from Fascism Podcast Series 2022

From February to August 2022, Freedom Matters Today broadcast our first podcast series on the themes of Freedom from Fascism and Freedom from Fear. All episodes are available online.–Spirituality-Podcasts/Freedom-Matters-Today-p1633671/

Who started Freedom Matters Today?

Michael J. Sutton started Freedom Matters Today at the height of Covid Hysteria when churches were turning people away if they did not have covid passports, and excommunicating priests, ministers, and pastors who were not vaccinated, a time of lockdowns and tyranny, human rights violations and suspension of democratic rights, a time of fascism and mass formation psychosis, a time of misinformation and fake news, a time of religious apostasy and abuse of power.

Michael J. Sutton has a PhD from the University of Sydney (2002), a Master of Divinity (2017, Morling College, Sydney), a Diploma of Bible and Ministry (2017, Moore College, Sydney), and a First Class Honours Degree in Economics (Social Sciences), University of Sydney, 1995.

Dr. Sutton is the author of 4 books: Freedom from Fascism, Is God on America’s Side? Is Russia our Enemy? and Following Jesus when the church has lost its way. He is also the author of the novel ‘The Third Tsunami,’ set in contemporary Japan, part of the Last Days of Old Japan series. All 5 books are available through Amazon.

Freedom matters today because you matter to God.