Welcome to my country

I want to welcome you to my country, Australia, and my town, Sydney.

Everyone is welcome here, and everyone is equal under the law, and everyone has one vote. Sydney is rich in diversity, resilient in character, and hospitable in spirit.

In the beginning, this land was empty, no humans trod here. But over time, people made the journey, from all over the world they came, from the dawn of humanity, the trials and tribulations of empire, the pain of conflict, and the desire for change.

They continue to come to make Australia their home, looking back to those who came before us, rejoicing in our present identity, and looking forward to the future, with hope.

I am a Christian and I follow Jesus. Jesus came to give us freedom. Many people don’t like freedom and wish to divide us or force us to follow their laws or seek to take away our hope.

History is the striving towards the freedom of spirit and the desire to live in a world God made, in a life shaped by God’s love, with hearts changed by God’s Spirit, who in creation, moved over the waters, and today points us to the Son of God, through whom all things came into being.

This is my country. This is my voice. This is my spirit.

Freedom matters today, for you matter to God.

Michael J. Sutton, October 16, 2023


  1. Joan says:

    How refreshing and vibrant is your” welcome to country.” It is a heart-warming statement and challenges us to realise how blessed we are to be Australians no matter how we arrived and how long we’ve lived here.

  2. Heidi says:

    I love it.
    I heard you on TNT and looked you up.

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