Is Jesus Superman?

Welcome to Freedom Matters Today. It is Monday November 6, 2023.

I am Michael J. Sutton. Today we are continuing our series on the identity of Jesus. It is part of our Freedom from Past and Prejudice Series.

What is freedom from past and prejudice?

Freedom from the past, things that define us and bind us which prevent us from knowing God and ourselves. For Jesus, the past both defined and bound him in life and in death.

Freedom from prejudice, which is the way we see ourselves and others based on the things which divide us. For Jesus, prejudice was a stumbling block for those close to him, and it was all nonsense to those who were not.

It is Jesus, the Son of God, the message of God, who enables us to see clearly our past, and confront our prejudice, so we might live in complete freedom.

The Hidden Roads of Freedom Matters Today

At the end of last month, I was invited by Gigi Foster of the Australians for Science and Freedom to join their list of speakers for the inaugural conference titled ‘Progress through Science and Freedom.’ The topic of my talk will be ‘The hidden roads of Freedom Matters Today,’ and will cover the origins, path, challenges, and futures for my publishing house, Freedom Matters Today. The conference will be held November 18-19 at the University of New South Wales. See the link for more details:

Who is Jesus?

This new podcast series is broadcast every week and answers all your questions about the identity of Jesus and our own identity before God. Identity is a big topic today and Christians struggle to answer people when they claim to be bi or queer or transgender, or a cat, a dog or a frog. Let me tell you about the identity of Jesus and what his identity means for us.

What we have looked at so far…

So far, we have seen that the Son of God is the message of God, the final word of God to those whose ancestors heard God speak in many and various ways through the prophets. We have also discovered that this Son, Jesus of Nazareth, is both the heir to all things, and the one through whom God created the world. We also reflected on the current conflict in the Middle East, the logic of retribution. For Moses and the Torah, blood needs to be shed for sin, which is why revenge is ingrained in our DNA. Revenge is an echo of God’s demand for something to atone for evil, which Christians believe is satisfied in the death of the Messiah, Jesus, the Son of God. Forgiveness, therefore, whilst painful and profound, is the response for those for whom Christ died.

Today’s topic: Is Jesus Superman?

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